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Hey there!

Welcome to The Winchmore Hill Supper Club! I'm Holly, the brains, chef, and owner behind all the tasty goodness you're about to enjoy. Among my friends, I'm dubbed the queen of hosting, and now I'm spreading that vibe to the North London community through supper clubs.


I host events at various venues across North London, with a menu that changes monthly. Sometimes, I even whip up special one-off menus to satisfy any particular cravings. I'm really looking forward to having you join us at one of my events soon!


My Story

Over the span of 14 years, my culinary journey has led me from being a bar tender at The Kings Head N21, to the proud owner of 'The Winchmore Hill Supper Club', where I bring my passion for food to an area I've called home for 32 years. Along the way, I delved into hospitality studies and gained valuable experience managing restaurants for D&D London. I also explored the dynamic world of food startups, with roles at Grub Club and Eatwith, where my love for supper clubs truly flourished.

Although I initially launched 'The Winchmore Hill Supper Club' as a side hustle, the unexpected challenges of the pandemic brought everything to a halt. In 2020, I embarked on a new chapter at Dishpatch, a renowned meal kit delivery company. Working alongside culinary icons like Angela Hartnett, José Pizarro, and Michel Roux Jr., as well as collaborating with top restaurants such as somsaa, Bubala, and Oklava, allowed me to further refine my culinary skills and product/menu development expertise.

Fuelled by my unwavering passion, I made the bold decision to refocus 'The Winchmore Hill Supper Club' as my primary venture in late 2023. Since then, the events have enjoyed overwhelming success, with sold-out evenings and rave reviews from our guests. Looking ahead, I'm excited to expand my offerings throughout 2024, providing the North London community with a lively food hub where they can relish incredible meals in the company of friends and family.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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